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Deals & Specials

4/20 Blaze it!

Kaviar 25% off   

ANY Kaviar product!

4/12 - 4/19

Mountain High Suckers BOGO 50% off suckers

Sweet Pieces not included

4/12 - 420

Wana BOGO 50% off 

4/16 - 420

Binske 25% off

4/16 - 420

Koala Chocolate bars under $15

4/17 - 420

Eureka 20% off

4/19 + 420 + 4/21

Kaviar BOGO $1   

ANY Kaviar product! 

420 ONLY

The Lab vapes 20% off 

420 ONLY

Feather vapes 20% off 

Buy 2 Feather vape carts get a free battery while supplies last!

420 ONLY

$85 OUNCES 4/17 - 4/20

Or visit either of our sister stores to see 

Flesh n Bone of Bone Thugs n Harmony for a meet n greet!

$15 presale or with no purchase of cannabis,

or FREE with any purchase over $75!

(on the day of 4/20)

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Daily deals

Mad Monday- 25% off a single preroll!

You need something on the go. No pipes to store or possibly break, and no fancy stuff: just you, your lighter, and the road. We can help with 25% off a single preroll. Ask your budtender.

15% OFF

a single preroll

Thrasher Thursday

Calling all dabbers! Is your tolerance a little higher than it used to be? Save some green and get your concentrates for 15% off every Thursday!

15% OFF

Cyber Sunday

If Fridays and Saturdays are for partying, Sundays are for sure pajama days. No drama, just browse and order online and get in and out before you run into anyone you know. Plus we'll throw you 15% off your order.

15% OFF

Online Orders

Topical Tuesdays 15% off

We know how hard an injury can hit from the time it happens to years later. This non-psychoactive pain relief is amazing for massages, baths, inflamed joints, sunburns, and so much more!

15% OFF

Friday feat. Ripple

It's Friday, choose your own adventure with Ripple dissolvable flavorless, colorless powders, or flavored pixi stick style with CBD and THC varieties.

25% OFF

Eat Weed Wednesday

Every Wednesday at High Octane, get your sweet treat fix with 15% off edibles. Take this chance to try out a new brand or get your favorites!

15% OFF

Select Saturday

You can easily and safely dose with these 10mg nanogummies, which are water soluble instead of fat soluble! (they hit you without having to wait for them to digest)

25% OFF